Let’s get ready for Gen Z

If we’ve learned anything from 2020 it’s that change is the only constant. And with a new generation of users entering the market, we need to be more agile and nimble than ever to produce content that meets their needs.

Text by Yoni Palmer


Image: © ViewApart/istockphoto.com

From floppy discs to online downloads

I think it is quite safe to say that the world we live in today is very different from what it was at the beginning of the 21st century. Technology has changed considerably and the pace of change is constantly increasing. The technology (r)evolution of course has an impact on us as technical writers.

I’ve been working in technical writing for just over two decades. Back in 2000, we were producing mostly printed content, whereas today hard copies are seen as expensive, inefficient, and harmful to the environment. Though hardware companies are still required to produce some printed material to accompany equipment, more and more of them are looking for ways to include just the bare minimum.

Maintaining our position as successful technical communicators requires us to adapt to the ever-changing landscape we find ourselves in. A surefire way of ...