How to stop worrying and embrace constant change

The accelerating speed of change is challenging not only our personal lives, but also our organizations. How can we prepare for the unpredictable?

Text by Andrew Hickson


Image: © PhonlamaiPhoto/

If you have attended any conference related to localization or translation over the last ten years, you will have witnessed debates regarding the threats and opportunities presented by the rise of the machine. Until today, we have been very reluctant to adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a tool to speed up the process of localization. Between keeping the “Google spiders” happy with our SEO and keyword research, and the fear that robots are stealing our jobs, we are unsurprisingly slow to embrace change. In this article, I will address some of the reasons why people are naturally inclined to resist change, and what companies can do to become flexible in their change management – maintaining trust and commitment from their most valuable shareholders: their staff.

Localization companies have to be able to adapt more quickly to change than many other industries.  Ideally, they will learn ...