How language influences purchasing decisions and support needs

Are customers of non-English speaking countries comfortable purchasing and using high-tech products that do not deliver a localized customer experience? CSA Research surveyed business users across the globe to find out.

Text by Don DePalma


Image: © fotogestoebe/

Business users of technology are largely assessed on one thing: doing their job. Whatever the industry or specialization, it’s essential that they perform their tasks correctly and quickly. Their companies expect the results of their work to be accurate, timely, and compliant with business, industry, and legal requirements, which often vary by country. These imperatives – accuracy, efficiency, and compliance – depend on the ability of users to take advantage of the features and functions of the high-tech software, hardware, and telecommunications gear and services they employ for daily tasks. That means being able to comprehend what they read and, when coupled with local compliance, raises the issue of localization.

To determine how much localization matters to corporate users of these high-tech products and services, CSA Research surveyed 956 business users and decision-makers in 24 ...