Augmented Reality revolutionizes the shopping experience

Ecommerce and retail have taken a seat in the front row in implementing Augmented Reality technology. Many well-known brands have come up with innovative ways for an immersive customer experience. Here are some of their use cases.

Text by Adriana Blum


Image: © Scharfsinn86/

Augmented Reality may have burst into mainstream awareness with the release of Pokémon GO, but since then it has blossomed into a technology with some serious potential to solve business problems. In traditional retail and ecommerce, AR adoption is booming, and many well-known and influential brands are launching mobile AR apps or integrating the technology in-store.

The following proven use cases are all well past the speculative stage and have been put into practice by both online and offline retailers around the world.

1. Letting shoppers try before they buy

If ecommerce ever had a drawback, it has been the difficulty consumers had in determining if their purchases would be a good fit. This applies equally to buying clothes and personal items as it does to fittings and fixtures for the home. In any case, it is an issue for shoppers and retailers alike, increasing the likelihood ...