tcworld GmbH

tcworld GmbH is an independent service company in the field of technical communication. tcworld's main customer is tekom, Europe's largest professional association for technical communication. For tekom, tcworld plans and develops events, conducts training and provides certification. The company is based in Stuttgart, Germany.

The main event organized by tcworld is the tekom annual conference/tcworld conference, which is held in Stuttgart, Germany every year. Together with the tekom fair, the tekom/tcworld conference attracts more than 4,500 attendees and is the world's largest event for technical communication. In 2011, the first tcworld India event took place in Bangalore. This was followed by the tcworld China conference, which has been held in Shanghai since 2014. The main information platform for tcworld is the tcworld magazine for international information management, which is published both in print and online. The tcworld magazine focuses on how companies face up to the challenges of communicating with customers, partners and associates in an increasing number of international markets and languages.

tcworld’s main products and services include:

  • tekom/tcworld fairs and conferences
  • Web content, e.g. for,
  • The German trade journal technische kommunikation
  • The English trade journal tcworld magazine
  • Various publications (available in German and English)
  • The international TCTrainNet online training program and the tekom certification